Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Attica, Ripponlea, Victoria

Restaurants like these (located in the burbs) sometimes make mi think twice about living in the city. i've been wanting to eat here since 2006 but just never got around to this part of melbourne. well, it's actually Not that far away and is also accessible by train (20mins from city) but we opted to drive instead. No problems at all with getting parking!

instead of just bread and butter for the table, they provided a goats cheese dip/curd/spread and almonds

sea tastes, prawns, clams, sea flora, sea urchin - smells like the ocean, not for seafood haters.

beef in ash, abalone, tamarind, egg yolk - doesn't the beef look cool in black?

textured hand picked mud crab - did not really taste like crab when you put a spoonful of this mix in your mouth, it was tossed with some sort of white fluff but i forgot what that was. interesting though.

john dory in brown butter, white asparagus, baby squid - a pretty safe choice for the non adventurous diner who can opt not to eat the flower petals.

baby cucumber, sherry, pecorino - tastes so good and looks so simple; i want to make this myself at home!

pressed spice crusted lamb shoulder, buttered parsnip, silver beets with currants, pinenuts and shanklish - the lamb was done to the perfect degree of fully cooked tenderness, not at all tough yet no tinge of red left on the meat. shanklish is a type of crumbly goats cheese and it went pretty well with this lamb.

cheese foam and puff - complimentaries of the kitchen. the bubbly bit was fun to eat. i couldn't resist ordering a glass of moscato with this.

chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, ice cream, granita and flower - i'm sure there is a fancier name for this dessert dish but i do not remember.

overall, a great dining option away from the city. - mi!

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