Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant, Melbourne, Victoria

For SiewPoh's birthday this year, we shared a meal at a flash new Chinese eatery with Versace looking plates. The whole establishment had matching Versace looking furniture too...

To start off dinner, shredded duck soup - there wasn't much duck in there

hot and sour soup - SiewPoh and Gary both enjoyed this

prawn, eggplant, chinese donut in claypot - tasted like it was stir fried in sweet chilli sauce but spicier

duck with glutinous rice - i though of Je when i had this since she likes glutinous rice

beef with black pepper sauce - cooked to a bloody medium and served with four asparagus stalks

as per chinese tradition, birthday noodles need to be had and it came with pippies and dried crab egg roe - the pippies were real tough, we had to leave most of 'em uneaten and the crab egg roe gave SiewPoh who was allergic to it an itchy mouth as it wasn't identified until after consumption

mixed vegetables and vermicelli in claypot - some greens for our fibre requirements

free ice cream - this was plonked down on our table without introduction nor explanation, so we just dug in and gave the dessert menu a miss. i think they did this to hurry us along as we were the last ones in the restaurant by then. -mi!

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